About me, The Goldwatcher & The Globewatcher

I started blogging on gold in March 2005 after Wiley  commissioned me to write

The Goldwatcher – Demystifying Gold Investing.

The book was published in 2008.  Within a few months after publication The Lehman Brothers liquidation and the Global Financial Crisis folIowed.   Since thenThe Goldwatcher blog has been more and more about geopolitics and macroeconomics and less and less about gold.

This new Goldwatcher site will focus on and address the nuts and bolts of supply and demand for gold  and factors directly affecting the gold price. The old Goldwatcher website was corrupted with a wordpress update and will be accessible when it is cleansed.

A new  Globewatcher blog www.theglobewatcher.com will address the macroeconomic and geopolitical developments playing out on the world stage relevant to the book I am currently writing on money printing.

 Thank you for visiting us

John Katz


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